Protect Forests with Milan

Milan (Head Project Manager)

According to the current estimates, forest degradation is responsible for about 10 percent of global climate change.

The multilayered structure of forests are vital for many aspects of life. Forests reduce overall wind velocity, filter out air-borne particles, mitigate noise pollution and damage from natural disasters. They also purify the air, maintain drinking water quality, and most importantly absorb carbon. Forests are absolutely essential to human life.

Natural Forest Reserve Protection

Our 200 acres of natural forest are constantly under oversight and protection. Our team is on alert everyday to make sure the forest isn’t in danger from loggers or fire that spreads from the slash-and-burn agricultural methods in Madagascar. The fire spreads during the dry season pose a big threat.

In order to prevent these fire spreads, Milan, our Head Project Manager, has created the ‘Rainbow Project’

Visual prototype of ‘Rainbow Project’

This hydraulic ram pump system uses force to pump water from our water reserves, carrying it throughout the 200 acres in pipes, eventually spreading out in sprinklers at zero energy cost. The water emitted blown by the wind naturally creates a Rainbow, given the name of the project. And most importantly, it protects the forests from catching on fire.

The ‘Rainbow effect’

Our forests reserves have absorbed 3 tons of Carbon dioxide per acre, and continue to purify our water sources. Contributions to this project will ensure further secure protection, and will allow you to offset your own carbon emissions.

Average Statistics

Global Individual Carbon Emitted: 3-4 tons/year

US Individual Carbon Emitted: 15-16 tons/year

Household Carbon Emitted: 7.5 tons/year

Offset Global Individual Average (Protect 1 Acre/Year)

$120 protects 1 Acre of our Forest Reserve which absorbs 3 tons of Carbon dioxide each year.


Offset Household Carbon Emitted (Protect 2.5 Acres/Year)

$300 protects 2.5 Acres of our Forest Reserve which absorbs 7.5 tons of Carbon dioxide each year.


Offset US Individual Average (Protect 5 Acres/Year)

$600 protects 1 Acre of our Forest Reserve which absorbs 15 tons of Carbon dioxide each year.


You will receive updates on the ‘Rainbow Project’ project as well.

All purchases are 100% tax-deductible.

Thank you for your support!

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